Registered Contractors List

Company Phone Type
1-A Fire & Domestic Testing 817-232-5577 Plumbing/Backflow
1st Choice Heating & AC LLC 210-225-3033 Mechanical/Refrigeration
3D Landscaping 210-669-3167 Irrigation/Backflow
4T Plumbing & Drain 210-659-4644 Plumbing Contractor
A + Plumbing 210-240-6872 Plumbing Contractor
A Snap Plumbing Service 210-547-0512 Plumbing Contractor
A-1 Air Security 469-293-2916 Fire Alarm Contractor
A-1 Backflow Company 210-490-2474 Plumbing/Backflow
A-1 Plumbing 830-875-5223 Plumbing Contractor
A-1 Reliable Services 210-366-3800 Mechanical/Refrigeration
A-1 South Texas Sign Erectors LP 830-609-6246 Sign Contractor
A-Action Aire Inc. 210-648-3801 Mechanical/Refrigeration
A-Tex Roofing & Remodeling 210-857-4151 General Contractor
A. Medina Plumbing 210-380-9554 Plumbing Contractor
A&A Engineering & Utilities 210-278-8534 Utility Contractor
A&A Plumbing Inc. 210-566-2665 Plumbing/Backflow
A&E A/C & Heating & Plumb 830-980-8600 Mechanical/Refrigeration
A&N Roofing and Construction 713-459-3871 General Contractor
A+ Roman Air 210-569-5200 Mechanical/Refrigeration
AAA Auger Inc 210-341-6124 Plumbing Contractor
Aaron Cantu 210-663-0792 Electrical Contractor
ABC Fire Systems, LLC. 512-994-5675 Fire Alarm Contractor
Absolute Power Electrical Cont. 210-647-3138 Electrical Contractor
Accell Air and Electric 210-658-5522 Mechanical/Electric
AccessAbility Home Mod 210-414-5600 General Contractor
Accu-Aire Mechanical, LLC 210-455-9003 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Accu-Rite Roofing 210-227-6807 General Contractor
Ace Fiberglass Pools Inc. 210-307-9866 Residential/Pool Contractor
Ace Fire Equipment 210-333-7000 Fire Alarm/Backflow
Action Roofing & Remodeling 210-650-4559 General Contractor
Addendum Construction LLC 210-402-1202 General Contractor
Advanced Flow Technologies 210-599-8831 Plumbing/Backflow
Advanced Foundation Repair 210-662-7502 Foundation Repair
Advanced Solar and Electric 210-872-4643 Electrical/Solar Contractor
AES Mechanical Services 334-252-0380 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Aetna Sign Group, Ltd. 210-826-2800 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Affordable Remodeling Designs 210-724-9145 General Contractor
AFM Plumbing 210-710-7338 Plumbing Contractor
AFP Alarm & Detection LP 210-646-6716 Fire Alarm Contractor
Afton Electric LLC 210-831-3443 Electrical Contractor
Agee's Service Co. Inc. 210-658-6708 Mechanical/Refrigeration
AGL Plumbing Services Inc 210-325-0774 Plumbing Contractor
Air Conditioning Service Co 210-308-4640 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Air Crafters 210-842-1956 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Air Done Right Htg & AC 210-601-6464 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Air Effects A/C & Heating 210-681-3385 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Air Express AC & Heating 210-601-2678 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Air Texas 210-602-7181 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Air-Fordable 210-310-8620 Mechanical/Refrigeration Contractor
Air3000 210-320-3000 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Airesmith Inc. 210-658-0841 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Airtron 210-650-3380 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Alamo City Foundation Plus 210-647-8368 Foundation/General
Alamo City Foundation Repair 210-226-7575 Foundation Repair
Alamo City Handymen LLC 210-535-1000 General Contractor
Alamo Community College District 210-485-0701 Electrical/Plumb/Mechanical
Alamo Community Lawn Service 210-508-2669 Irrigation/Backflow
Alamo Hy-Tech Foundation 830-606-5505 Foundation Repair
Alamo Irrigation 210-493-9913 Irrigation/Backflow
Alamo Lighting & Electrical Inc 210-859-7005 Electrical Contractor
Alamo System Industries, LLC 956-702-4111 Commercial Contractor
Alamo Water Softeners 210-274-6122 Water Treatment Specialist
Alexander Services 210-344-8363 Mechanical/Refrigeration
All Service A/C & Heating Inc. 210-657-4776 Mechanical/Refrigeration
All Texas Electrical Contractors Inc. 210-655-7900 Electrical Contractor
Alliance Pro Electric 817-518-1098 Electrical Contractor
Allied Fire Protection SA LP 210-646-6716 Fire Alarm/Fire Sprinkler
Alpha Building Corporation 210-491-9925 Construction Contractor
Alterman Inc 210-496-6888 Electrical Contractor
AM Electric 210-724-6830 Electrical Contractor
Amazing Siding 210-340-8000 General Contractor
Amer Electric LLC 210-269-6311 Electrical Contractor
American Automatic Sprinkler 210-490-9222 Fire Sprinkler/Backflow
American Industrial Services 210-444-9068 Residential/Commercial
American Roofing & Metal Co. 210-224-5463 General Contractor
Amigos Plumbing 210-659-4493 Plumbing Contractor
Anchor Sign, Inc. 800-213-3331 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Andrea's Sta-Tex Roofing Company 210-532-7323 Residential Contractor
Angel Fire and Safety, LLC 210-399-1115 Fire Alarm Contractor
Anthony & Sylvan Pools 830-438-2453 Swimming Pool Contractor
Apex Imaging Services 909-593-9539 Construction Contractor
APM Landscape & Design 210-490-3174 Irrigation/Backflow
Aprotex Corporation 210-694-6547 Fire Alarm Contractor
AR Utilities & Excavation LLC 210-648-0907 Utility Contractor
Aramendia Heating & Air LTD 210-654-1034 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Aramendia Plumbing No. 2 Ltd 210-654-1034 Plumbing Contractor
Architectural Habitat of S A Inc. 210-653-9107 General Contractor
Arnold Moos Company 210-655-5112 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Arrow Electrical Services 281-594-9826 Electrical Contractor
ASAP Plumbing Service #2 210-330-3547 Plumbing Contractor
Ashley Plumbing Co. LTD 210-337-2931 Plumbing Contractor
Atkinson & Associates Bldr 361-782-6027 Commercial Contractor
Atlas Plumbing 210-683-9009 Plumbing Contractor
Automatic Fire Protection Inc. 210-653-2121 Fire Sprinkler
Avco Const & Foundation 210-737-3826 Foundation Repair
Axiom Construction Co. LLC 281-443-6327 Construction Contractor
Aztec Heating & Air 210-233-1912 Mechanical/Refrigeration
B & L Electric Company 210-260-8321 Electrical Contractor
B&E Contractors Inc. 210-654-9160 General Contractor 210-902-9120 Irrigation/Backflow
Baird Foundation Repair 210-534-4110 Foundation Repair
Baish Electric Co Ltd 210-599-2259 Electrical Contractor
Bantz Htg A/C & Ref Inc. 210-658-1341 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Barclay 210-490-8090 Commercial Contractor
Barraza Plumbing Inc. 210-435-1951 Plumbing Contractor
Barrett & Sons Inc 210-659-5801 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Bartley Construction Inc 512-303-9688 General Contractor
Basin Plumbing 210-757-3008 Plumbing Contractor
Batchelder Construction Inc. 210-340-3710 Commercial Contractor
Beldon Roofing Company 210-341-3100 General Contractor
Ben Aer 210-564-0778 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Ben Franklin Plumbing 210-227-1776 Plumbing Contractor
Bergheim Plumbing 830-446-0326 Plumbing Contractor
Best Choice Roofing 210-236-7449 General Contractor
Betancourt Plumbing 210-736-0207 Plumbing Contractor
Bexar Air 210-647-4989 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Beyer Mechanical 210-656-9027 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Beyer Plumbing Company 210-656-9027 Plumbing/Backflow/Water Treat
Big Star Electric Company 713-694-0558 Electrical Contractor
Big State Electric 210-735-1051 Electrical Contractor
Bill Embrey Heating & AC Co. 210-922-6387 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Blakely Rocks, LLC. 830-914-3300 Demolition/Mover Contractor
Bloch Electrical Services 830-303-4141 Electrical Contractor
Blue Star A/C & Refrigeration 281-850-4266 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Bolin Plumbing LTD 210-688-3177 Plumbing Contractor
Bracken Plumbing Inc. 210-651-1313 Plumbing/Backflow
Briones Utility Company 210-687-050 Utility Contractor
Bruce Wollenzin Jr. Electric Service 210-471-1140 Electrical Contractor
Bryco Plumbing Co. 210-655-2552 Plumbing/Backflow
Budget Signs LTD 210-349-7446 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Buffalo Contracting Services 210-685-8848 Residential Contractor
Burch Roofing 210-659-7663 General Contractor
C A One Electric Contractor 210-367-2881 Electrical Contractor
C. Dock Framing II, Inc. 210-823-8369 General Contractor
C.A.M Solar, Inc 210-227-3456 Electrical/Solar Contractor
C&S Enterprise, Inc. 210-590-6629 Electrical Contractor
Cain's Concrete Const. 210-347-4588 Residential Contractor
Calderon Underground Utilities 210-337-1397 Underground Utilities
Campos Utilities Inc 210-433-0016 Underground Utilities/Backflow
Cappadonna Elect Contractors Inc. 210-696-4040 Electrical Contractor
Carl Electric Co. Inc 210-225-2715 Electrical Contractor
Carter Irrigation 830-885-6492 Irrigation/Backflow
Catalano Enterprises 210-945-7282 General Contractor
CBT 210-508-0898 Backflow Tester
CC Construction 210-316-8820 General Contractor
CDX Electrical Services 830-626-8777 Electrical Contractor
Central Comfort Air Cond. 210-336-2757 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Centsable Cooling & Heating 210-521-2483 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Certified Electric Inc. 210-681-5678 Electrical Contractor
Cesar's AC and Heating 210-724-8874 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Champion A/C 210-699-0022 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Cherokee Contracting 210-623-3211 Utility Contractor
Christianson AC & Plumbing 210-651-1212 Mechanical/Plumbing
Christopher Contracting 210-710-7838 General Contractor
Cintas Fire Protection 210-680-8811 Fire Alarm Contractor
City Fence Co of S. A. 210-653-1100 General Contractor
Citywide Electric, LLC 210-857-0899 Electrical Contractor
Classic Electric Co. 210-843-8396 Electrical Contractor
Clean Scapes 210-733-5652 Commercial Contractor
Climate Control 210-344-6266 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Climate Magic 210-340-8240 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Cloud Roofing 210-366-9484 General Contractor
Cody Pools Inc 877-474-7665 Swimming Pool Contractor
Comet Signs LLC 210-341-7244 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Comfort Air Engineering Inc. 210-494-1691 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Comfort Design 210-646-9600 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Comfort Tech Plumbing 817-831-6700 Plumbing Contractor
Concept Windows Siding 210-846-0900 General Contractor
Concrete Renovations Inc. 210-653-6120 General Contractor
Consolidated Service Company 210-684-2242 Mechanical/Plumbing Contractor
Convergint Technologies, LLC 210-822-5668 Fire Alarm Contractor
Converse AC & Heating 210-653-9590 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Cool Concepts 210-832-9001 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Cool Solutions Home Imp 210-328-2725 General Contractor
Corley Bailey Plumbing Co. Inc. 210-337-1905 Plumbing Contractor
Country Custom Creations, Inc. 830-634-2910 General Contractor
County Wide Exteriors 210-340-1555 Residential Contractor
County Wide Service Company 210-732-9772 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Covalt Struct. & Foundation Repair 210-736-0060 General Contractor
Cowboy's A/C & Heating Inc. 210-495-7771 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Cox Plumbing Company 512-263-0266 Plumbing Contractor
CPR Plumbing 210-491-2777 Plumbing Contractor
Craftsman Plumbing 210-493-8502 Plumbing Contractor
Crane's Quality Siding & Window 210-402-0671 General Contractor
CRI Electric, Inc. 210-509-8889 Electrical/Solar Contractor
Cribley Enterprises Inc. 210-590-1313 General Contractor
CT Texas Plumbing 210-849-8638 Plumbing Contractor
Culligan Water Cond. of SA, Inc. 210-226-5344 Water Treatment Specialist
D J B Systems, Inc 512-288-5811 Fire Alarm Contractor
D.L. Bandy Constructors Inc. 512-754-6661 Construction Contractor
D&C A/C Service, LLC 210-325-7884 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Dale Lancaster Co. 210-695-2233 General Contractor
Damco Utility, Inc. 210-532-6508 Utility Contractor
Danny's Service Company 210-825-8826 Mechanical/Plumbing
Dausin Electric Company 210-651-5204 Electrical Contractor
Davey Plumbing Co. 512-312-2011 Plumbing/Underground Utilities
David & Son Heating & Air 210-394-3369 Mechanical/Refrigeration
David Barr II/ Abarrco Cont 210-383-4742 General Contractor
David Martinez 210-827-8643 Residential Contractor
De La Garza Fence 210-674-8302 Commercial Contractor
Decker Roofing Co., Inc. 210-825-6125 Residential Contractor
Decksteriors, LLC 210-264-6341 General Contractor
Dela Electric 210-626-5580 Electrical Contractor
Denny Plumbing 210-608-4993 Plumbing Contractor
Design Temp Air Conditioning Inc 210-438-3636 Mechanical/Refrigeration
DFW Automatic Sprinkler 214-923-9894 Fire Sprinkler
DFW Underground Fire Lines 214-924-9052 Underground Fire/Utilities
Diamond P. Builders 210-843-8821 Commercial Contractor
Dickerson Automatic Fire 254-662-3777 Fire Sprinkler/Backflow
Dickinson Sprinkler & Lawn 210-650-5329 Irrigation/Backflow
Dimensions Contracting 210-829-1388 General Contractor
Discount Roofing Co. 210-680-0324 General Contractor
DMC Mechanical Contracting 210-437-1388 Mechanical/Plumbing
DNT Construction LLC 210-490-6700 Underground Utility/Backflow
Don's Heating & A/C 210-653-1537 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Double Check Backflow 210-687-8039 Backflow Tester
Double H Landscape 210-669-1477 Irrigation/Backflow
DR Horton 210-496-2668 Construction Contractor
Dragon Fire Systems 830-620-5166 Fire Sprinkler
Drain Doctor, Inc. 210-698-9331 Plumbing Contractor
Drash Contracting Company LLC 210-340-5004 General Contractor
Dream Builders of SA 210-815-5580 General Contractor
Du-West Construction 210-658-0911 Foundation Repair
Dupure 281-890-7900 Water Treatment Specialist
DV Plumbing Repairs 210-521-4703 Plumbing Contractor
E L Smith Plumbing 210-736-1603 Plumbing Contractor
E&S Electric Company 210-723-3727 Electrical Contractor
Eagle Plumbing 210-924-1596 Plumbing Contractor
Earl Massey 210-473-0204 Underground Utility
Economy Roofing 210-846-2725 General Contractor
Ed Feehan Contracting 210-566-3517 General Contractor
Edd Leigh A/C Heating & Plumbing 210-590-4759 Plumbing/Mechanical
Efficiency Air, Inc. 361-782-3537 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Elbel Plumbing 210-290-8877 Plumbing Contractor
Electri-Ko 830-433-0723 Electrical Contractor
Electrical Employee Contracting LLC 210-213-6432 Electrical/Solar Contractor
Energy Maintenance Mgmt 210-492-2231 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Energy One of San Antonio 210-549-4177 Residential Contractor
Enterprise Electric LLC 615-350-7270 Electrical Contractor
Enterprise Fire & Safety 210-643-0500 Fire Alarm/Fire Sprinkler/Backflow
Equinox Louvered Roof 210-548-3015 General Contractor
Equipment Management Services 512-657-7208 Electrical Contractor
Estess Electric Inc 210-316-6511 Electrical Contractor
ET's Plumbing & Rooter, Inc 210-690-4100 Plumbing Contractor
Euless Mechanical, LLC 214-295-4166 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Evergreen Sprinkler Repair 210-496-2318 Irrigation Contractor
Excell Interior Construction 210-444-0210 Construction Contractor
Executive Signs, LTD 210-492-9436 Electrical/Sign Contractor
EZ Electrical 210-360-0935 Electrical Contractor
Facility Solutions Group 210-657-2357 Electrical/Solar Contractor
Fairview Electric 210-389-8113 Electrical Contractor
Farco Mechanical 210-533-9808 Mechanical/Electric
Feehan Contracting 210-566-0792 General Contractor
Fencecrete America 210-492-7911 Commercial/Residential Contractor
Fire & Life Safety America 210-637-0436 Fire Alarm/Fire Sprinkler
Fire Alarm Control Systems Inc. 210-344-2901 Fire Alarm Contractor
Firetrol Protection Systems Inc. 210-270-8400 Fire Alarm/Fire Sprinkler/Backflow
First Choice Foundation King 210-680-1577 Foundation Repair
Flex Electric, Inc. 512-848-8537 Electrical Contractor
Flo-Aire Service Inc. 210-655-1738 Mechanical/Refrigeration
FLS Electric, LLC 210-601-2384 Electrical Contractor
Fred Clark Electrical Contractor 210-229-1155 Electrical Contractor
Fresh Air Systems LLC 210-497-4577 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Frias Air 210-599-2111 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Friesenhahn & Marbach Const. Inc. 210-651-5918 Construction Contractor
Fry Roofing Inc 210-344-1125 General Contractor
FST Construction 210-843-5725 General Construction
G-6 Services, Irrigation, Backflow 210-837-0021 Irrigation/Backflow
G. N. A. C. Inc 210-227-1203 Electrical/Sign Contractor
G.H. Clark & Sons Plumb & Htg 210-337-0956 Plumbing Contractor
G.L. Hunt - San Antonio 210-648-1530 Foundation Repair
Gary Pools Inc. 210-494-1313 Swimming Pool Contractor
Gator Inc dba Dodson House Moving 210-889-5031 General Contractor
Gem Pro Service 210-418-9791 General Contractor
General Air Conditioning, Inc 210-684-1907 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Generation Signs Inc. 210-683-3449 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Geofill Material Technologies LLC 830-947-3168 General Contractor
Gerard Electric Inc. 210-661-8241 Electrical Contractor
Gerloff Company Inc. 210-490-2777 General Contractor
Gerth Electric 830-914-4020 Electrical Contractor
Gibson Plumbing Company 210-661-4000 Plumbing Contractor
Gillette Air Conditioning 210-735-9235 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Glen's Pump Service 830-914-4400 General Contractor
Global Efficient Energy 936-355-0756 Electrical/Solar Contractor
Global Signs Inc 817-8367-1123 Sign Contractor
Godfrey Construction Company 979-731-1800 Construction Contractor
Goodwin Green, LLC 210-888-1195 Commercial Contractor
Gratr Landscape LTD 210-764-7773 Irrigation/Backflow
Gray Electric & Service, LLC 210-273-4369 Electrical Contractor
Great Air A/C 361-688-7791 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Green Grass Inc. 210-653-1717 Irrigation/Backflow
Greenhaven Landscape & Irrigation 830-629-2434 Irrigation/Backflow
Greg's Concrete 210-420-7253 General Contractor
Ground Wire Electrical Ser 210-373-6288 Electrical/Solar Contractor
Guarantee Plumb & AC Inc 210-826-2333 Plumbing/Mechanical
Guerrero Roofing Co. Inc. 210-432-3516 General Contractor
GW Mitchell & Sons, Inc. 210-227-8127 Construction Contractor
H.J. Otis Plumbing Co. Inc.   Plumbing Contractor
H&M Signs 210-364-9363 Electrical/Sign Contractor
H3O Water Systems 210-836-8181 Irrigation Contractor
Harrison Contracting 210-310-2252 General Contractor
Heartland Restoration LLC 210-867-2911 General Contractor
Heaton Electric, LLC 254-723-5629 Electrical Contractor
Henderson Remodeling & Rpr 210-287-5940 General Contractor
Henry Perez Contracting 210-287-7487 General Contractor
Hill Electric 210-404-9074 Electrical Contractor
Hodges Electric 830-237-6863 Electrical Contractor
Holts Mechanical 210-661-7500 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Home Depot 281-846-8141 General Contractor
Home Technology Repair 210-857-9688 Electrical Contractor
Hoover Construction 210-224-5871 Construction Contractor
HSC Electric Company Inc. 210-382-4048 Electrical Contractor
IES Commercial Inc. 210-344-3031 Electrical Contractor
IES Residential Inc. 281-498-2212 Electrical Contractor
IGWT Plumbing Company 210-381-4225 Plumbing Contractor
Immediate Response Plumb/Rooter 210-496-6900 Plumbing Contractor
Impact Fire Services 210-853-2199 Fire Alarm/Fire Sprinkler/Backflo
Industry Sign 210-826-3002 Electrical/Sign Contractor
INFINITY PLUMBING 210-389-3215 Plumbing Contractor
Interceptor Technology Group, LLC 830-865-5020 Fire Alarm Contractor
ISI Detention Cont Group Inc. 210-495-5245 General Contractor
J Arredondo Construction 210-669-1621 General Contractor
J-Quad Electrical Services 210-744-7172 Electrical Contractor
J.G. WIlliams Const. Inc 210-884-6717 General Contractor
J.R. Ramon & Sons, Inc. 210-225-1583 General Contractor
J.W. Dielmann Inc. 210-402-0605 Fire Alarm Contractor
J&D Plumbing   Plumbing Contractor
J&M Plumbing 210-923-8895 Plumbing Contractor
Jamail & Smith Construction 210-615-1302 Construction Contractor
JBD Enterprises 210-945-4747 General Contractor
JC Enriquez Plumbing 210-679-9150 Plumbing Contractor
JDK Associates 94-686-6236 Retaining Wall Contractor
Jesse L. Herrera Construction Inc 210-736-1171 General Contractor
Jesse's Concrete Work 210-843-7529 General Contractor
Jetter Electric Services, Inc. 221-661-7478 Electrical Contractor
Jimmie Farrell EIE 512-442-1175 Electrical Contractor
JL Hearn Plumbing 210-659-2110 Plumbing/Backflow
JMD & Associates, LP 817-244-3636 Electrical Contractor
JMEG LP 210-646-9285 Electrical Contractor
John King Construction 512-836-5464 Construction Contractor
John's Landscaping 210-320-2722 Landscaping Company
Johnnie C. Ivy Plumbing 210-923-4575 Plumbing/Backflow
Jon Wayne Heating & A/C Ltd. 210-293-6700 Mechanical/Plumbing
JP Richard Group LLC 210-825-1334 Residential Contractor
JR Heating and Air 210-658-8664 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Judson ISD 210-945-1200 General Contractor
K J Electric Co., Inc 210-736-6155 Electrical Contractor
K-Air Corporation 210-888-5247 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Kamo Energy, Inc. 210-566-9800 Electrical Contractor
Keith E. Waldrep 210-213-600 Irrigation/Backflow
Keith Zars Pools LTD 210-494-0800 Swimming Pool Contractor
Keller Custom Signs 210-695-8767 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Kelso Plumbing & Air Cond 210-655-8231 Plumbing Contractor
Kinetico Quality Water Systems 210-656-7873 Water Treatment Specialist
Kirchner Electric 210-845-3389 Electrical Contractor
Klecka Electrica Company Inc 210-349-0123 Electrical Contractor
KM Remodeling, LLC 210-680-5626 Construction Contractor
Koetter Fire Protection LLC 210-499-5707 Fire Alarm/Fire Sprinkler
Kresta Roofing & Consulting 210867-2911 General Contractor
Kret Heating & A/C , LLC 512-845-1589 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Krippco Landscape & Irrigation 830-606-8686 Irrigation/Backflow
L J Zarate Contracting 210-313-2399 General Contractor
L Morales AC & Heat   Mechanical/Refrigeration
L. Bingham Construction,LLC 210-482-9180 Utility Contractor
Lachappelle Electric Co 210-661-2489 Electrical Contractor
Lakeside Comm Builders 972-524-3100 Commercial Contractor
Land Stabilizers 210-653-1787 Foundation Repair
Lasiter Utility Backhoe, Inc. 830-510-6113 Underground Utility Contractor
Last Call Plumbing Inc. 210-330-4001 Plumbing Contractor
Lawton Commercial Services 210-226-1626 Mech/Elec/Plumb/Backflow
Legacy Home Improvements 210-272-7272 Residential Contractor
Legend Plumbing 210-340-8700 Plumbing Contractor
Legend Refrigeration LLC 210-213-8483 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Lennox National Account Services 210-825-0771 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Lenz Contractor 210-340-4412 General Contractor
Leon Smoot Electric 210-566-2030 Electrical Contractor
Lewis Sign 512-312-4555 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Liberty Builders of Texas 210-657-7777 General Contractor
Liberty Signs, Inc. 512-255-3887 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Liles Plumbing Co. 210-639-9935 Plumbing Contractor
Lin R. Rogers Electrical Cont. 770-772-3400 Electrical Contractor
Linbeck Group, LLC 210-236-4765 Commercial Contractor
Lockhart Excavation LLC 254-855-3504 General Contractor/Utility
Logos Security Services 281-437-0707 Fire Alarm Contractor
Lone Star Roofing & Const. Inc. 210-637-7663 General Contractor
Lone Star State Construction LLC 210-745-0364 General Contractor
LoneStar Fiberglass Components 830-875-6900 Swimming Pool Contractor
Long Horn Electrical Cont 830-317-6244 Electrical Contractors
Longhorn Air Solutions 210-724-2680 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Longhorn Solar Corp 210-268-6711 Electrical/Solar Contractor
Lopez Plumbing 210-445-2241 Plumbing Contractor
Lowry Electrical 830-237-6219 Electrical Contractor
LP3 Electric 210-602-1229 Electrical Contractor
M&L Roofing 210-659-6664 General Contractor
Mabry Plumbing 210-215-4133 Plumbing Contractor
Mackenzie Restoration Inc. 210-732-7319 General Contractor
Macs Electric 210-632-1855 Electrical Contractor
Magic Rooter Drain & Plumbing 210-656-7146 Plumbing Contractor
Maldonado Nursery & Landscaping In 210-599-1219 Irrigation/Backflow
Malitz Construction Inc. 210-820-3604 Construction Contractor
Mangold Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. 210-494-7615 General Contractor
Marcus Headley Builder Inc 210-415-0753 General Contractor
Mario Electric 210-400-7080 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Mark-1 Plumbing Inc 409-935-4188 Plumbing/Backflow
Martin Bauml Plumbing 210-340-6781 Plumbing Contractor
Master Renovations 210-376-8387 Residential Contractor
Masters Electrical Services, LTD 830-303-6330 Electrical Contractor
Maverick Underground LLC 210-826-1127 Utility Contractor
Max's AC & Heating 210-827-9046 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Mayorga Plumbing 832-439-2170 Plumbing Contractor
MB Plumbing Inc. 210-822-4132 Plumbing Contractor
McNiel Roofing & Sheet Metal 210-653-4636 General Contractor
MD Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. 210-561-2665 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Mechanical Maint. of Texas 210-824-9581 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Mendez Plumbing LLC 210-815-4964 Plumbing Contractor
Merl Wheeler Plumbing 210-655-1036 Plumbing Contractor
Metro Electric 210-648-2687 Electrical Contractor
Metro Service Co 210-722-8266 Electrical Contractor
Metroplex Control Systems Inc. 210-495-5245 Fire Alarm Contractor
MH Hernandez Roofing 210-639-5349 General Contractor
Mighty Storm A/C & Heating 210-367-6193 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Milberger Landscaping, Inc. 210-497-3757 Irrigation/Backflow
Miller Plumbing Co, Inc. 210-646-0316 Plumbing Contractor
Mission City Electric Inc 210-333-2284 Electrical Contractor
Mission Plumbing Heating 210-493-7057 Mechanical/Plumbing/Utilitiy
Mister Sparky Electric 210-684-5678 Electrical Contractor
Mitchco 210-635-7577 Foundation Repair
MJW Enterprises 830-237-0736 Plumbing Contractor
Moore Electric Company 210-696-0511 Electrical Contractor
Moore Irrigation Services Inc. 210-490-5394 Irrigation/Backflow
MPS Construction & Design 210-641-1880 Construction Contractor
Mr Frosty 210-877-5782 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Mr. Electric 210-348-6000 Electrical Contractor
Mr. Wilson Heating & AC 210-308-9866 Mechanical/Refrigeration
MSF Electric Inc. 281-494-4700 Electrical Contractor
Much Better Landscaping 210-373-8437 Backflow Tester
Mueller & Wilson Inc. 210-824-9461 Mechanical/Plumbing
Multi Electric Co 210-389-3364 Electrical Contractor
Mundo Verde 210-389-0615 Irrigation/Backflow
Munguia Electric 210-473-3273 Electrical Contractor
Murray Plumbing Company LLC 210-277-7177 Plumbing Contractor
Mutual Sprinklers, Inc 210-946-5803 Fire Sprinkler
Myers Repair Service Inc 210-648-3198 Plumbing Contractor
National Electrical Service 210-309-0263 Electrical Contractor
Neonsense 210-735-7446 Electrical/Sign Contractor
New Beginnings Plumbing 210-843-8883 Plumbing Contractor
Newleaf Homes LLC 210-558-9899 Construction Contractor
North East Home Repair LLC 210-488-7867 General Contractor
North Star Mechanical 214-919-3300 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Northeast A/C Heating & Plumbing 210-658-0111 Mechanical/Plumbing
Northstar Fire Protection of Texas Inc 210-494-0028 Fire Sprinkler
Northwest Petroleum 832-549-0084 Construction Contractor
Norwest Roofing 210-697-9835 General Contractor
O'Haver Plumbing LTD 830-626-9969 Plumbing/Backflow
Oasis Co. Lawn & Maintenance 713-480-3859 Irrigation Contractor
Old Man Roofing 210-710-5839 General Contractor
Olshan Foundation Repair 210-495-5758 Foundation Repair
Olympia Construction 210-272-0459 Construction Contractor
On Time Elmer A/C & Heating 210-655-9448 Mechanical/Refrigeration
On Time Elmer Plumbing 210-446-0066 Plumbing Contractor
One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning 210-525-9193 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Opiela Mechanical Inc. 210-633-2431 Utility/Plbg/Backflow/Med Gas
Pape Construction Co. 210-822-9217 Commercial/Electric Contractor
Paradise Decks and Spas LLC 210-496-3325 General Contractor
Paradise Lawn & Maint. Inc. 210-825-1699 Irrigation/Pool
Parker and Sons Plumbing, LLC 210-236-9338 Plumbing Contractor
Parkway Construction & Asso 469-322-3768 Construction Contractor
Parnes Construction 210-789-6540 General Contractor
Pat Tons RRC/LLC 210-381-4304 General Contractor
Patriot Fire Systems 512-963-2368 Fire Sprinkler
Pavecon LTD 210-798-1111 General Contractor
Pecos Fence Co. Inc 210-655-5656 General Contractor
Perfection Roofing & Const of Tx 210-695-1497 General Contractor
Perma Pier Foundation Repair 210-654-4400 Foundation Repair
Pete's Electric 956-241-6995 Electrical Contractor
Plumbing 3000 210-520-3000 Plumbing Contractor
Plumbing Contractors Co 210-290-8757 Plumbing Contractor
Polar Bexar Conditioning 210-651-4847 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Popeyes Remodeling/Roof 210-393-7617 Residential Contractor
Power Plumbing Inc. 281-304-9392 Plumbing Contractor
Power Plumbing, Co. 210-389-7616 Plumbing Contractor
Powerhouse Electrical Services Inc. 210-495-3800 Electrical Contractor
Prestige Custom Pools 210-479-7665 Swimming Pool Contractor
Professional Plumbing, Inc. 210-342-5542 Plumbing Contractor
Professional Star Const. 210-736-1595 General Contractor
Pronto Rooter, Inc. 210-256-8422 Plumbing Contractor
Protec Fire Protection Inc 210-541-9214 Fire Sprinkler
Protection One Alarm Monitoring 785-856-5500 Fire Alarm Contractor
PTL General Construction 210-373-3477 Commercial/Residential Cont
Quarter Moon Plumbing Inc. 210-651-5598 Plumbing/Mechanical
Quest Plumbing, LLC 210-227-8378 Plumbing/Backflow
Quinney Electric Inc. 210-624-2881 Electrical Contractor
R Gerth Contractor 210-508-7157 Electrical Contractor
R.K. Barker Inc. 210-389-8507 General Contractor
R&L Electric, Inc 817-925-0477 Electric/Fire Alarm Cont.
RA Flores Electric 210-559-0517 Electrical Contractor
Rabel Enterprises LLC 210-213-5130 Irrigation/Backflow
Ram Jack Foundation Rpr 210-490-9691 General Contractor
Ramirez Roofing & Coating 210-924-9236 General Contractor
Rapid Rooter Plumbing 210-449-9209 Plumbing Contractor
RDI Mechanical Inc. 281-448-1700 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Re-Bath of San Antonio 210-490-0082 General/Plumbing
Realtex Construction LLC 512-306-9206 General Contractor
Red Hot Signs 210-858-0333 Sign Contractor
Redline Air Conditioning & Htg 210-319-8931 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Reliable Sign Service Inc 210-823-2133 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Renovations of San Antonio 210-618-2310 Commercial/Residential Cont
Reyes & Son Construction 210-844-2431 Residential Contractor
RHR Underground LLC 210-551-9876 Underground Fire/Utility
Ridgepoint General Contractors 210-229-7777 General Contractor
Right Connection Plumbing 210-736-5325 Plumbing Contractor
Riverside Foundation 210-967-3977 General Contractor
Rob's Home Improvements 210-460-1213 Residential Contractor
Roland's Plumbing Service Inc. 210-433-0016 Plumbing/Backflow
Rolands Roofing Co., Inc. 210-5463-7663 General Contractor
Roman Electric 210-296-5517 Electrical Contractor
Ross Electric 210-557-5223 Electrical Contractor
Ross Electric Co. 210-733-5452 Electrical Contractor
Roto-Rooter Services Company 210-340-0145 Plumbing Contractor
Russell Construction Co. 936-539-4993 Construction Contractor
S&S Mechanical 210-838-4373 Plumbing Contractor
S&S Plumbing Contractors 210-658-7100 Plumbing Contractor
SA Rainmaker LLC 210-559-0012 Irrigation/Backflow
SA Riteway Service Co. 210-308-8880 Mechanical/Refrigeration
SA Specialites 210-658-0440 Mechanical/Refrigeration
SA's Best Plumbing Company 210-421-7756 Plumbing Contractor
Saje Build 210-788-8573 Commercial Contractor
Samaniego Htg. & Air Conditioning 210-316-4597 Mechanical/Refrigeration
San Antonio Aquatic Pools 210-655-5104 Swimming Pool Contractor
San Antonio Backflow 210-669-4924 Irrigation/Backflow
San Antonio Plumbing 210-520-3333 Plumbing/Backflow
Satex Plumbing Company 210-497-7615 Plumbing Contractor
Schertz Horicultural Serv. 210-849-7175 Irrigation Contractor
Schmidt Mechanical Group 210-444-9418 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Sears Home Improvement Products 210-422-0133 General Contractor/Mechanical
Security One Inc 210-341-8900 Fire Alarm Contractor
Sendero Electric Sign Co. Inc. 210-651-1131 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Service Experts Heating & Air 210-525-8040 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Shafer Services, Inc 210-227-8358 Mechanical/Plumbing
Shimerda Enterprises, LLC 830-660-8858 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Sign Crafters Inc. 512-392-0900 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Sign Pros 210-323-1216 Sign Contractor
Sign Tek 210-946-5511 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Sign-A-Rama 210-651-7333 Sign Contractor
Signal One Systems 210-421-3137 Fire Alarm Contractor
Signs West, Inc. 512-282-5001 Sign Contractor
Silver Star Plumbing 210-836-5666 Plumbing/Backflow
Simplex Grinnell LP 210-402-6311 Fire Alarm/Fire Sprinkler
Skelton Fire Alarm 210-590-1328 Fire Alarm Contractor
SNT Services 210-633-6567 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Solar Electric Texas 210-269-9842 Electrical/Solar Contractor
Somerville Backflow 210-255-8832 Backflow Tester
Somerville Backflow 210-255-8832 Backflow Tester
Soukup Roofing LLC 210-372-9000 General Contractor
South Texas Interiors 210-348-8550 General Contractor
South TX Siding Inc-Window Wrld 210-767-0995 General Contractor
Southern Pools Service & Spas 979-885-8241 Swimming Pool Contractor
Southfork Construction Inc 210-733-6610 Construction Contractor
Southwest Backhoe & Util 210-732-5210 Utility Underground
Southwest Exteriors 210-828-5555 General Contractor
Southwest Metal Roofing 210-822-6868 General Contractor
Southwest Sign Group Inc. 210-648-3221 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Southwest Texas Sign Service, Inc. 210-648-1928 Electrical/Sign Contractor
SpawGlass Construction Corp. 210-337-0956 Construction Contractor
Sprinkler Management 210-367-9801 Irrigation/Backflow
Sprinkler Tech, Inc 210-889-3165 Irrigation/Backflow
Stablelift Foundation Repair 210-262-3696 General Contractor
Stafford Plumbing 210-680-2052 Plumbing Contractor
Stanley Convergent Sec Sol. 210-559-7788 Fire Alarm Contractor
Starfire Sprinkler Services Inc 210-264-6191 Fire Sprinkler/Backflow
Statewide Remodeling 512-453-5858 General Contractor
Step It Up Construction 210-862-2426 Utility Contractor
Stephens Roofing 210-785-0994 General Contractor
Steve Freeman Electric 210-781-9503 Electrical Contractor
Steve's Plumbing Co LTD 210-681-8010 Plumbing Contractor
Stewart Plumbing Co. 210-658-0041 Plumbing Contractor
STI-GC, LLC 210-348-8550 Commercial Contractor
Stoddard Const Management Inc. 830-438-5904 Construction Contractor
Structure Builders 210-733-9641 General Contractor
Sun Automatic Fire Sprinkler 210-695-1101 Fire Sprinkler
Sunrise Homes 830-556-5356 General Contractor
Sunrooms 4 U 210-564-0833 General Contractor
Superior Foundation Repair 512-476-7700 Foundation Repair
Swedlund Electric 512-990-1600 Electrical Contractor
Sweetwater Filtration Systems 210-650-4000 Water Treatment Specialist
T&F Construction Co. 830-625-1984 Construction Contractor
Taft Electric 817-933-7663 Electrical Contractor
Taylor Air Conditioning 210-325-3092 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Taylor Bros. Const. Co. Inc 812-379-9547 Commercial Contractor
Tejas Plumbing & Const 210-550-2498 Plumbing Contractor
TEX-PERTS Cooling & Heating 210-772-5911 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Texas Air Masters Service Co 210-693-7651 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Texas All Pro Plumbing & AC 210-734-8400 Plumbing/Mechanical
Texas Custom Signs 512-401-6500 Sign Contractor
Texas Elegant Sunrooms & Patios 210-437-2635 General Contractor
TEXAS NEON ADVERTISING 210-734-6694 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Texas Plumbing LLC 210-577-6542 Plumbing Contractor
Texas Simple Solutions, Inc 210-945-2222 General Contractor
Texas Solar Power Co-San Antonio, LL 210-732-8200 Electrical/Solar Contractor
Texas Star Roofing & Const 210-286-9587 General Contractor
Texas Water Systems 210-684-2144 Water Treatment Specialist/Instal
TF Harper & Associates LP 512-440-0707 General Contractor
The Brandt Companies, LLC 210-599-6120 Mech/Elec/Plumbing
The GFP Group 210-271-0000 Construction Contractor
The Plumbing Connection Co. 210-304-0212 Plumbing Contractor
The Struthoff Company Inc. 210-495-2557 Construction Contractor
The Water Doctor 210-669-2302 Water Treatment Specialist
Thermo Techs Heating & AC 210-291-3185 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Thompson Harrison Service 210-648-2244 Plumbing Contractor
Tie Co Plumbing Co 210-884-8466 Plumbing Contractor
Tietze Plumbing Inc. 210-688-3350 Plumbing Contractor
Tiger Services 210-344-0060 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Tim Alan Company 210-322-0404 General Contractor
Tinsley Roofing & Remodeling 210-638-1166 General Contractor
Titan Electric 210-695-5217 Electrical Contractor
TLSCA Electrical Contractors 210-254-9127 Electrical Contractors
Tom Vera's Plumb. & Backhoe Svc 210-274-4441 Plumbing Contractor
Tommy Harral Construction Inc. 830-609-3642 Construction Contractor
Toned Homes LLC 210-520-920 Mechanical/General Cont
Tony's Roofing Services, LLC 210-680-5518 General Contractor
Topp's Plumbing Co. LLC 210-844-4129 Plumbing Contractor
Total Comfort Home, LLC 210-545-0088 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Total Maintenance 830-701-3015 General Contractor
Tower Electric 210-590-7333 Electrical Contractor
Tri County Sprinklers 210-403-3898 Irrigation/Backflow
Trinity Adv. & Graphics Group 214-212-5172 Sign Contractor
Trinity Foundation Repair 281-221-2166 Foundation Repair
Troy M Jessee Construction 210-737-3434 Construction Contractor
Tuff Shed 210-680-8833 General Contractor
Turdminator Plumbing 210-683-1997 Plumbing Contractor
Turney Lighting & Electric 210-695-2424 Electrical Contractor
Tuttle Plumbing Inc. 210-254-4819 Mechanical/Plumbing/Backflow
Ultimate Air Systems 830-981-9777 Mechanical/Refrigeration
United Sign Service 210-646-0454 Sign Contractor
Universal Air 210-658-2492 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Upower Services 210-719-1190 Electrical/Solar Contractor
Urban Heating & A/C 210-310-3033 Mechanical/Refrigeration
US Liberty Plumbing 830-899-7789 Plumbing/Underground Utilities
USA Foundation Repair 361-334-2323 Residential Contractor
USA Shade Structures Inc. 214-905-9500 General Contractor
USA Signs 210-653-7446 Electrical/Sign Contractor
Vamvoras Ltd 210-341-2004 Plumbing/Backflow
Varela Roofing 210-532-3317 Residential Contractor
Vaughn Construction 210-403-9833 Commercial Contractor
Ventilation Plus 281-414-7440 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Vivint Wireless, Inc. 877-479-1670 Electrical Contractor
Vollmer Electric Co, Inc 210-824-6313 Electrical Contractor
W.P. Murphy Inc 210-658-4947 General Contractor
Wade Construction 210-490-9000 Construction Contractor
Water Professionals of San Antonio 210-215-8200 Water Treatment Specialist
Water Works Plumbing & Irrig. 210-737-6463 Plumbing Contractor
Watts Electric Inc 281-879-6668 Electrical Contractor
WBM Heritage Roofing, Inc. 830-609-6660 General Contractor
Western States Fire Protection Co. 210-967-4731 Fire Alarm/Fire Sprinkler/Backflo
Wilks Inc. 210-534-9911 Mechanical/Refrigeration
Will Fix It Plumbing/Heating & AC 210-521-0180 Plumbing/Mechanical
Will's Plumbing AC & Refrigeration Sv 210-494-0991 Plumbing/Mechanical
WinBar Services, Inc. 210-639-2475 Plumbing Contractor
X-Man Electrical Services, LLC 210-559-8831 Electrical Contractor
X-Man Fire, LLC 210-305-5566 Fire Alarm Contractor
Your Neighborhoodz, LLC 210-262-2678 Residential/Commercial
Yuras Roofing 210-651-9249 General Contractor
Zachry Underground Utility Services 210-494-3531 Utility Contractor
Zeus Plumbing Inc. 210-533-3733 Plumbing Contractor
Zimmermann Inc 210-340-8283 Plumbing/Mechanical

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