Child Safety

Child Safety Seat Installation Training

Installing a car seat can certainly try a parent’s patience. For this reason, the Live Oak Fire Department is working hard to provide a certified Child Passenger Seat (CPS) Technician. We appreciate your patience while we endeavor to find a new technician.

CPS Technicians are certified by Safe Kids, USA and have undergone extensive training in order to understand crash dynamics, injury prevention strategies, child restraint selection and installation and vehicle occupant protection.

To schedule FREE training, call 210-653-9140 ext. 386.

The following PDF documents are available for download under “Forms and Reports”, at right:

  • Child Safety Seat Training Form: This form will be filled out by the CPS Technician during your training session.
  • Child Safety Seat What to Expect: This document will help you understand what to expect during your training session.
  • Child Safety Seat Basic Info: Provides a basic car seat safety guidelines.

Child Safety Websites


The following websites provide educational information on various child safety topics.

Safe Kids USA is a nationwide network of organizations working to prevent unintentional childhood injury, the leading cause of death and disability for children ages 1 to 14. We educate families, provide safety devices to families in need and advocate for better laws to help keep children safe, healthy and out of the emergency room.

Safe Kids USA is a member of Safe Kids Worldwide, a global network of organizations with a mission of preventing unintentional childhood injury. Twenty One countries participate in Safe Kids Worldwide

Safe Kids Worldwide was founded in 1987 as the National SAFE KIDS Campaign by Children’s National Medical Center with support from Johnson & Johnson. Safe Kids Worldwide is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Washington, D.C. Currently, there are 21 countries participating as child advocates as members of Safe Kids Worldwide.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is part of the Department of Transportation of the United States. The agency’s mission is to prevent injuries and save lives by reducing vehicle-related crashes.

One of the things that NHTSA does is to write the standards for safety in vehicles, including air bags, safety restraints, and child restraints. The agency examines air bags for safe deployment, writes safety guidelines for manufacturers, and helps the public understand safety features. The NHTSA web site even has interactive videos that allow parents to decide which child restraints are appropriate for their child’s age.

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