Local Codes and Ordinances

    Adopted Codes:

    The following list of Codes w/amendments were adopted by City of Live Oak, Texas on March 27, 2018, as Ordinance #1559 for the Building Code and Ordinance 1560 for Fire Code.

    • International Building Code, 2018 Edition w/amendments
    • International Residential Code, 2018 Edition w/amendments
    • International Mechanical Code, 2018 Edition w/amendments
    • International Plumbing Code, 2018 Edition w/amendments
    • International Energy Conservation Code, 2018 Edition
    • International Fuel Gas Code, 2018 Edition w/amendments
    • International Fire Code, 2018 Edition
    • International Existing Building Code, 2018 Edition
    • International Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities, 2018 Edition
    • National Electrical Code NFPA 70 Current State Adopted Edition without Article 80
    • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, Current Edition
    • Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act
    • International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, 2018 Edition

    City of Live Oak Code of Ordinances:

    Please utilize the Code of Ordinances link, provided at left, for information regarding City of Live Oak Ordinances. The portions of the Code of Ordinances which may be helpful include, but are not limited to:

    • Building Regulations (Chapter 5)
    • Code Enforcement Regulations (Chapters 5, 10, 11, 15, etc)
    • Health and Sanitation (Chapter 11)
    • Zoning Regulations (Appendix A)
    • Most Current ADA is followed (2010)

    Who should you contact with questions?

    If you have questions regarding building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, food establishments, certificate of occupancies, or any other questions, please direct questions to the Development Services Department:

    Questions about sewer main tie-ins, water meters for commercial or residential, and meter vault inspections, please contact Jim Neeley at 210-653-9140, extension 2220 or 210-792-3289.