City Comprehensive Plan

    The Comprehensive Plan is intended to provide background (historical) information, a foundation of facts regarding the City of Live Oak, and documentation of the physical and demographic characteristics of the community. The information contained within the following chapters will be used to formulate goals and objectives pertaining to various aspects of the community, and will prove useful in generating the final recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan for Live Oak.

    The identification of major issues within the community began early in the comprehensive planning process, and served as a basis for creating the following components of this analysis:

    • Historical Background
    • Regional Relationship
    • Influence of Regional Factors
    • Population Characteristics: City and County
    • Physical Factors Influencing Development
    • Existing & Future Land Use

    Live Oak City Comprehensive Plan:

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    Staff Contacts:
    Ana Garfaoui, Assistant City Manager, 210-653-9140 , EXT. 2286
    Donna Lowder, Executive Assistant, 210-653-9140, EXT. 2219