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    The City of Live Oak Economic Development Corporation (LOEDC) is a leading business and community catalyst focused on building economic prosperity in the City and throughout the region.

    By developing and implementing programs, the LOEDC will facilitate growth and development of existing companies, as well as, provide the foundation to effectively recruit new companies to the area. The result of these broad and diverse economic development initiatives, will be an increased property and sales tax base for the City of Live Oak, a dynamic economic environment for our business community, and an enhanced quality of life for Live Oak’s residents.

    All city offices use one address:
    City of Live Oak
    8001 Shin Oak Drive
    Live Oak, TX 78233
    Anas Garfaoui
    Asst. City Manager
    210-653-9140, ext. 2286
    Donna Lowder
    Executive Asst.
    210-653-9140, ext. 2219

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        The City of Live Oak offers a variety of Economic Development incentives designed to create jobs, spur redevelopment and create new capital investment within our community. Incentives are provided on a case-by-case basis and are designed to meet the specific needs of each client. The following list of incentive offerings is designed simply as a starting point for further discussion with our Economic Development staff members.

        Chapter 380 Economic Development grant

        The purpose of these local grants is to reimburse private developers for the range of expenses that may contribute to a financing gap yielding projects financially infeasible. The city will also be sensitive to the taxable implications these grants may have for the developer and where possible, use transfer mechanisms (i.e., soft loans, accrual notes, etc.) which result in favorable financial impact. These grants are made in accordance with Texas Local Government Code 380. The city will work with the applicant to match dollars to appropriate costs.

        Infrastructure Participation & performance agreements

        The City of Live Oak has a track record of facilitating development through enhancement of water, sewer, and roadway infrastructure relevant to sites selected for significant projects as needed. The Economic Development Corporation reviews Performance Agreements that create and retain primary jobs on a case-by-case basis.

        Tax rebates & abatements

        In addition to City tax rebates and credits through Performance Agreements and Chapter 380 Agreements, projects may also be eligible for an abatement of County taxes on the value added to real or new business personal property. A separate application for abatement of County taxes must be filed with the County Administrator’s Office. Bexar County Commissioner’s Court has final authority on the level and term of the abatement program. While the exact level of abatement will have to be determined, previous experience with the County and other economic development projects indicate a willingness to closely align with the level of abatement provided by the City.

        Visual improvements program

        The purpose of the Visual Improvements Program (VIP) is to promote a positive city image reflecting order, harmony, and pride, thereby strengthening the economic stability in Live Oak business areas. The foremost purpose is to encourage the visual improvement and enhancement of facades, business signage, landscaping, and parking lots for commercial, professional, and retail in Live Oak.

        The program funding is based on a grant up to a maximum of $5,000.00 per business. The cumulative amount awarded by the Live Oak Economic Development Corporation (LOEDC) shall not exceed $100,000 for the fiscal year of this program. Either property owner (corporation, joint venture, partnership, etc.) or the business owner (tenant) is eligible for funding. Property owners with multiple buildings or tenants with multiple operating locations may be limited to one building or location per funding cycle.

        Visual Improvements Program Application

        Tax increment reinvestment zones (tirz)

        The City of Live Oak has one Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone located in the Woodcrest Subdivision. The Zone was created to support redevelopment and public infrastructure improvements for the Woodcrest Subdivision. These improvements with the Zone shall include, but not limited to, streets, sidewalks, utilities, drainage, and 711 single-family homes. Formed in December 2001, the Board of Directors of the Zone performs its purpose within the limitations of Ordinance No. 1141 and the Texas Tax Code, Chapter 311.