Main City Park








Created in the 1971 from property donated by a developer Llyod Denton and currently serving as a major flood control project, the Live Oak main park has its primary entrance off Welcome Dr. and Leafy Hollow.  The park area was petitioned to become a Texas Historical Site in 1979 because of an old Indian Camp Site that was located in the park.  Records of the archeological dig remain in the records of the city.  A total of approximately 75 acres, this park features several amenities including a football field, basketball court, skate spot, three baseball fields, multiple playscapes and a disc golf course. A 2014 bond project provided lights to all ball fields as well as a trail that circumnavigates the lake to make a path of nearly 2 miles long in entirety.  The playground areas are equipped with a special type of fall zone made of recycled rubber and a surrounding fence providing increased safety for the children. There are 2 restroom facilities located in the park and are conveniently accessible from all areas.

The football field and baseball fields are under contract through youth sporting teams and therefore cannot be rented for private usage. When the fields are not utilized by these sporting groups, they are open to the public on a first come first serve basis.

There are several picnic sites set among the park that are equipped with a table and many include a barbecue pit. These areas are open to the public on a first come, first served basis as well.  Remember, the park belongs to everyone, so please be courteous and share the trails and amenities.

Another solid amenity to this park is two professionally designed disc golf courses.  Designed by John Hauk and paid for by funding from the Live Oak Economic Development Corporation, these courses have been home of several nation-wide tournaments.  To see course maps and hole guides, please click here.