Public Works

The Live Oak Public Works provides the following services: Street Maintenance, Park Maintenance, Waste Water, and a Municipal Swimming Pool.

Download 2015 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.pdf

Download The Utility Excavation Criteria Manual for Rights-of-Way

Download Ordinance 1541 Public Right-of-Way

Free Toilet Program

Apply for your free toilet today! Are you a single family residential customer living in the City of Live Oak? Are you on the Live Oak Water System, not SAWS (San Antonio Water System)? Was your home built prior to 1992? If the answer is YES to the above questions and you are not replacing an existing water saver toilet (1.6 gallon or lower), you are a candidate for a free water saver toilet. Click here for the downloadable application. Click here the Landlord Consent Form (This form is to be filled out by the Landlord). For more information on the Free Toilet Program, please call Cathi Piotrowski at Public Works 210-653-9140, ext. 234.

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Do you have old paint, pesticides, herbicides, batteries or fluorescent light bulbs; electronic waste such as computers, monitors and laptops, that need to be disposed of? Live Oak residents can call 1-800-HHW-PKUP (1-800-449-7587) for pickup of these items.

Water Conservation

The City of Live Oak is under year round water restrictions at this time.  Watering with an irrigation system or sprinkler is allowed any day of the week before 11 a.m. and after 7 p.m.

Stages 1,2,3,4 Water Restrictions

Storm Water Management Plan

Download PDF

Stormwater Pollution

Oil and antifreeze from leaking cars pollutes. When it rains, water runs over the ground and picks up oil, antifreeze and other pollutants and carries them to our streams and lakes. Please keep your vehicle in good working condition.Did you know the storm drains in our City flows to our City Lake and wetland areas, and not a waste facility? Many people are unaware that grass clippings, used motor oil, and other waste products dumped into storm drains or streets pollute lakes and water sources.Our storm drainage system is designed to direct the flow of excess water from our streets and properties during rainy weather. This water is not filtered, and, although our drains do have grates that keep out some of the larger debris, small debris is allowed to go through and flows into the system.Some towns have special reminders like “If You Dump It, You Drink It”, “The Drain is Just For Rain”, and “Don’t Feed the Storm Drain” to help their citizens to remember not to wash pesticides, soapy water, motor oil and other household chemicals near or into the storm drains.What can you do help the situation and be part of the solution?

  • Never dump anything near or into a storm drain or drainage channel, including grass clippings.
  • Use fertilizers and pesticides only when fewer toxic methods have failed. Read and follow the directions on the label for use, cleanup, and disposal.
  • Clean up after your pets, disposing of pet feces in a plastic bag in your trash can and not leaving it on the lawn.
  • Recycle your motor oil and other disposal products. Many automotive supply stores and oil changing companies offer this service.

With your help, we can keep pollutants out of our lake and downstream creeks and rivers.

Brush Pick Up

Waste Management provides brush pickup for the residents of Live Oak once per month. The City is divided into two zones, Gold and Green:

GOLD ZONE - Collection of the Gold Zone begins the first Thursday of every month. Area begins at Judson Road and IH 35 and includes Retama Hollow, Brentwood Oaks, Bridlewood and Lookout Road. Also includes original Live Oak North of Leafy Hollow.

GREEN ZONE - Collection of the Green Zone begins the third Thursday of every month. Area includes all of Woodcrest and original Live Oak South of and including Leafy Hollow.

Waste Management will pass through each street only once, all brush must be placed curbside prior to the first day of scheduled pickup. The tree and shrub trimmings must be less than or equal to 12 inches (12”) in diameter and the pile may not exceed 12 feet (12’) in length, 5 feet (5’) in height and 5 feet (5’) in width.

In addition to monthly brush pickup, Waste Management will collect brush that is cut and bundled on your second regular trash day of the week. Bundles may not exceed 4 feet (4’) in length and 35 pounds in weight per bundle.

As a reminder, Waste Management is not responsible for the collections of work completed by contractors. Tree removal and extensive tree trimming is the responsibility of the homeowner. For additional questions, please call Waste Management Customer Service at 800-800-5804.

Helpful Information

Click this link to view the Storm Water Questionnaire-2012 for the City of Live Oak.Click this link to view the Residential (Indoor) Water Survey & Landscape and Irrigation Water Use Survey for the City of Live Oak.For information on Mosquito and West Nile Virus Prevention, Click Here.

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