Connect-CTY Emergency Notification System

    What is this all about?

    The City of Live Oak has a telephone alerting system that is designed to provide not only our citizens but the business community as well, with both emergency messages and informational messages relating to important City issues. To receive these important Emergency Notifications, please complete the sign-up portion below.


    In the event of a serious emergency or an actual disaster, citizens may have to evacuate their homes or they may be asked to shelter in-place for several hours because of a hazardous condition. Citizens may not be directly affected by an incident but could be without electricity or other services because of the incident. While this may be a major inconvenience to some of us, citizens with disabilities, access issues, or those with other functional needs may be faced with a life-threatening situation. These categories include:

    • Citizens who are mobility impaired.
    • Citizens who are blind or hearing impaired.
    • Family members who are mentally challenged. (Adults or children)
    • Citizens with special medical needs such as being on continuous oxygen.
    • Citizens without transportation.

    In the event of an evacuation, some of these individuals may require assistance and in some cases, citizens may not have transportation especially at certain times of the day. These individuals may not have a physical impairment however the lack of transportation places these citizens in a separate special category that must be addressed.

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) along with local officials across the state have placed a great deal of emphasis on citizens with disabilities, access issues, or those with other functional needs. This is especially true along the Texas Gulf Coast during hurricane evacuations. Locally the City of Live Oak started a program several years ago to help our citizens. The main issue initially is simply to identify these individuals and where they reside in the community.

    The Office of Emergency Management has a voluntary program to allow citizens who have a disability, access issues, or some other type of functional need to come forward and complete an enrollment form to join the program. Only limited information is required and enrollment forms are available at the Fire Station during normal business hours or you can download the form below.