Animal Care & Control

    Live Oak Animal Control
    8001 Shin Oak Drive
    Live Oak TX 78233

    Hours of Operation Monday-Friday: 9:00am – 5.00pm
    Saturday: 10:00am – 2:00pm
    Sundays / Holidays – Closed
    AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY # 210-653-0033

    We Care!

    Staff Directory

    Stephanie Kinney
    Animal Control Supervisor
    210-653-9140 ext 2398

    Jake Newberry
    Animal Control Officer
    210-653-9140 ext 2396

    Melissa Garone
    Animal Control Officer
    210-653-9140 ext 2228

    Mission Statement

    Live Oak Animal Control’s mission is to promote public health and safety for the citizens of Live Oak and their pets. Animal Control is responsible for educating the public on current State Laws and City Ordinances and enforcing these laws when necessary. Animal Control is also responsible for the health and well being for every animal brought into the Facility. The animals housed here are waiting to be reunited with their lost owners or, if not reclaimed, they are waiting for their new forever homes. Animal Control strives to educate the Citizens of Live Oak on the importance of spaying and neutering their animals to help reduce the number of unwanted and unclaimed strays on our neighborhood streets. It is also vital to express and educate on the State Law requiring every animal to be current on the Rabies vaccine to help reduce the spread of this deadly virus and to keep our animals safe and well. It is through professionalism, kindness, and the willingness to work with the public that Animal Control is eager to provide this service and many others for the community to gain better knowledge about Animal Control and its responsibilities.

      Adopt Don’t Shop!!

      Are you in the market to find a new companion for your family?! You have come to the right place! Adopting a pet from a shelter does not just save one life, it saves two. When you adopt a pet, you make room for another to be saved. We have both dogs and cats available for adoption and waiting for their new heroes to step up and take them home. Here is everything you need to know about our adoption process.

      Once you have found an animal that you are interested in calling your own, we require a meet and greet with all the family members in the house including any animals you currently have. If your meet and greet goes well, it is as simple as filling out an adoption contract with staff and paying your adoption fee. Per state law, our animals can not leave our facility until they are altered. If they are not already spayed/neutered, you will be able to pick up and take home after their surgery. The following information is the Adoption fee and explanation.

      Adoption Fee: $60.00

      Adoption fee includes the following:

      First round of Feline/Canine Vaccine’s (2 for adults and 3 for under 1yr)
      FIP-FIV/Heartworm Test
      First round of Flea preventative
      Rabies vaccine & certificate (4 months and older)
      Registered Microchip

      Adoption hours:

      Mon – Fri: 9:00am to 4:30pm
      Saturday: 10:00am to 1:30pm
      Sunday: Closed

        Lost and Found Pets

        Lost Pets

        If you have Lost a pet, please call or come into the shelter immediately to make a lost report and to check our impounded animals. As many people see different breeds when they come across an unknown pet, it is always best to visually confirm that your animal is/is not at the facility.

        If your pet is not at the shelter, your next step is to post pictures and contact information on a social network such as Facebook or the Nextdoor App. Please check these posts often to see possible updates and/or sightings that might occur of your lost pet.

        If you do not have the means to travel, you can also look for your lost pet on Please type in Live Oak Tx or 78233 to search our intakes.

        Found Pets

        If you have found a pet within the City of Live Oak please come to the shelter immediately to make a found report and to have that pet scanned for a microchip. After scanning and making the found report, you have 2 options.

        Option 1 (recommended): Turn the animal into the Shelter providing your information as the finder and the location in which you found the pet. The pet will be kept and cared for at the facility for a 3-5 day stray hold depending on if there was a collar or microchip present. If no owners reclaim, the pet will be placed up for adoption/transfer pending any extreme aggression or extreme medical problems.

        Option 2 (not recommended): You may decide to keep the animal in your possession during the 3-5 day stray hold. This option is not recommended as you as the finder are unaware of any behavior issues the found pet may have. If you are not trained in animal body language, this could potentially be a dangerous situation. If you do decide to keep the pet, you may turn it over to Animal Control after the stray hold, or anytime during, to be placed up for adoption/transfer pending any extreme aggression or extreme medical issues.


          Microchipping - $10.00 per Animal

          Don’t want to hassle with online confusion to register your pets Microchip? You don’t have too! Bring your business to Live Oak Animal Control where we will not only microchip your pet, we will register it as well!! Our process is seamless and painless. You will spend less than 10 minutes at our facility and take home a fully registered pet!! It does not get any easier than this! We offer daily microchipping, Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 430pm. Please call and set up your appointment Today!!

            Pet Licensing

            Pet Licensing

            Pet Licensing
            (Code of Ordinance Ch 4 Sec 4-9)

            City Licenses are required for all Dogs and Cats that reside within city limits that are over 4 months of age. Proof of a current rabies certificate from your Veterinarian is required to obtain a City license. For your convenience, we offer both a 1 year and a 3 year city license. License validity are concurrent with the rabies vaccination expiration.

            Click Here For Pet Licensing Fees

              Adopt a Pet

              Why Adopt 

              Adopting a pet from a shelter doesn’t just save one life, it saves two. When you adopt a pet, you make room in the shelter to save another life. You can find mixed breeds or purebreds in shelters, and you are always guaranteed a pet that is thankful for a second chance in a loving home!

              What is Included in My Adoption? 

              All Pet adoption fees are $60
              (applies to all breeds and ages)

              Your adoption includes the following:

              • Feline/Canine booster vaccinations
              • Heartworm test
              • Rabies vaccination
              • Deworming
              • Exam
              • Spay or neuter
              • Microchip (registered) - We register every microchip we provide so the owner does not have to.

              What Happens After I Adopt a Pet?

              After you adopt your new companion, it is important that you register your microchip. In the event that your pet gets out and is found, a registered microchip ensures that your pet will be returned to you.

              Additionally, you should take your new pet to your vet soon after your adoption. This allows your vet to meet your pet, receive all medical records, and set up your next annual appointment. 

              How to Adopt

              Stop by the shelter and take a look at all of our available animals!
              We are located at 8001 Shin Oak Drive, between the Fire Department and Public Works Building.

              Monday - Friday 9:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
              Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
              Closed on Sundays and holidays.

              If the animal you are interested in is currently in a foster home, we will get you in touch with the foster family for a meet and greet.

              We want you to find the perfect fit for your family! We recommend spending at least 30 minutes with the animal you are interested in, and bringing all members of your family that will be living in the home with your pet.


                Our organization is always looking for volunteers to join our team! Because volunteers work directly with animals, they increase the chances of an animal being adopted. Additionally, volunteers can help increase awareness of the shelter and the animals in the organization. Volunteers help socialize the animals and give the dogs a break from their kennels by walking them more regularly.

                Volunteers are Required to:

                Volunteer Needs

                Dog Walking

                Come help ensure the dogs in our kennels get the exercise and TLC they require daily. This is flexible because dogs require walks and bathroom breaks throughout the day. Our most needed times are first thing in the morning and in the evening before we close.

                Cleaning Dog & Cat Kennels

                Our animals spend the majority of their time in kennels. As a result, they need their kennels sanitized, dishes cleaned, linens washed, etc.

                Socializing Animals

                Because animals spend so much time alone in the kennels, they don’t get as much time socializing with people, learning manners and basic commands, and getting affection. Socializing with animals and encouraging better behaviors increases the chances of adoption more quickly.


                The shelter runs primarily on donations. We are always looking for people to help with fundraising events and to hold donation drives.

                Helping with Adoption Events

                Adoption events are important because they increase exposure of the animals and increase the probability of them getting adopted quicker.


                Would you like to help give animals the exposure they need to help get them adopted? We always need people to take pictures of the animals and write cute bio’s about them for our rescue sites. Any camera and experience level are welcome!