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Lost and Found Pets

If you have Lost a pet, please call or come into the shelter immediately to make a lost report and to check our impounded animals. As many people see different breeds when they come across an unknown pet, it is always best to visually confirm that your animal is/is not at the facility.

If your pet is not at the shelter, your next step is to post pictures and contact information on a social network such as Facebook or the Nextdoor App. Please check these posts often to see possible updates and/or sightings that might occur of your lost pet.

If you do not have the means to travel, you can also look for your lost pet on Please type in Live Oak Tx or 78233 to search our intakes.

If you have found a pet within the City of Live Oak please come to the shelter immediately to make a found report and to have that pet scanned for a microchip. After scanning and making the found report, you have 2 options.

Option 1(recommended): Turn the animal into the Shelter providing your information as the finder and the location in which you found the pet. The pet will be kept and cared for at the facility for a 3-5 day stray hold depending on if there was a collar or microchip present. If no owners reclaim, the pet will be placed up for adoption/transfer pending any extreme aggression or extreme medical problems.

Option 2(not recommended): You may decide to keep the animal in your possession during the 3-5 day stray hold. This option is not recommended as you as the finder are unaware of any behavior issues the found pet may have. If you are not trained in animal body language, this could potentially be a dangerous situation. If you do decide to keep the pet, you may turn it over to Animal Control after the stray hold, or anytime during, to be placed up for adoption/transfer pending any extreme aggression or extreme medical issues.