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Our organization is always looking for volunteers to join our team! Because volunteers work directly with animals, they increase the chances of an animal being adopted. Additionally, volunteers can help increase awareness of the shelter and the animals in the organization. Volunteers help socialize the animals and give the dogs a break from their kennels by walking them more regularly.

Volunteers are Required to:

Dog Walking

Come help ensure the dogs in our kennels get the exercise and TLC they require daily. This is flexible because dogs require walks and bathroom breaks throughout the day. Our most needed times are first thing in the morning and in the evening before we close.

Cleaning Dog & Cat Kennels

Our animals spend the majority of their time in kennels. As a result, they need their kennels sanitized, dishes cleaned, linens washed, etc.

Socializing Animals

Because animals spend so much time alone in the kennels, they don’t get as much time socializing with people, learning manners and basic commands, and getting affection. Socializing with animals and encouraging better behaviors increases the chances of adoption more quickly.


The shelter runs primarily on donations. We are always looking for people to help with fundraising events and to hold donation drives.

Helping with Adoption Events

Adoption events are important because they increase exposure of the animals and increase the probability of them getting adopted quicker.


Would you like to help give animals the exposure they need to help get them adopted? We always need people to take pictures of the animals and write cute bio’s about them for our rescue sites. Any camera and experience level are welcome!