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If you are in need of a smoke detector and meet the qualifications, you may eligible to have a smoke detector placed in your home.

Please review the following eligibility requirements:

  1. You are a current resident in Live Oak.
  2. You own and live in your home.
  3. You are living on a low income.

If you meet these criteria and wish to request the fire department to come to your home and install a BATTERY smoke detector, NOT INTERCONNECTED, call the Live Oak Fire Department at (210) 653-9140 Ext. 2379 or send an email to If your home has an interconnected smoke detection system, the Live Oak Fire Department will place a BATTERY smoke detector in the same area. The Live Oak Fire Department is unable to assist with interconnected smoke detectors.
Smoke Detectors Not Available For Walk-In Guests.

The Kemeth Cole program was created in memory of Kemeth Cole, that passed away from Carbon Monoxide(CO) poisoning.  We honor his memory by offering a CO detector to prevent this from happening to other families.

If you are in need of a carbon monoxide detector, please contact the Live Oak Fire Department and inquire about the Kemeth Cole carbon monoxide program. call (210) 653-9140 Ext. 2241 or 2379

Every year The Live Oak Fire Department sponsors a Holiday Food Basket for citizens of Live Oak that might need a helping hand for the holidays. All recipients will remain anonymous. If you know a family in need of this service please contact Rafael Luna, Deputy Fire Marshal at or (210) 653-9140 Ext. 2379. A letter will be sent out to confirm that the family would indeed like to receive the food basket. We would like to thank all those who so generously donated each year. Donations are accepted starting November 1st.

For anyone who is concerned about not being able to escape your home in an emergency or not being able to get to the door during an emergency to let paramedics or firefighters in is encouraged to consider a Knox Box for their home. This solid steel box is mounted on the outside of your home within close proximity to the main entry door and secures your individual key to allow access into your home. Only the fire department has a key to open this box and this will allow them to gain entry into your home during an emergency without causing any damage to your home.

Please visit the Live Oak Fire Station at the Development Services window to pick up an application or call (210) 653-9140 Ext. 2242 if you have questions. We also have samples of residential and commercial Knox Boxes at this location for demonstration.

Visit Knox Box Website

File of Live

The Live Oak Fire Department is now handing out File of Life magnets for your home. The File of Life is a bright red magnet, easily spotted by first responders, that contains a lot of useful and valuable information. Information includes Emergency Contacts, Medical History, Medications, Allergies, Insurance Information, Preferred Hospital, and Primary Care Doctor Information. A lot of information is needed to effectively treat a patient, and when the situation is stressful, some of this information can be relayed incorrectly. Having the File of Life allows you to produce this vital information correctly and without delay. Feel free to stop by the Fire Department to pick one up.

Live Oak City Fire Department enjoys sharing our facility and a little bit of history with our community. We will conduct tours, during our business hours 8:00 to 5:00, of our fire station. We believe it is important to inform our citizens about Fire Safety and to be pro-active with our community. Whether you have little ones or adults we would be happy to meet you and show you around your local fire station. If you haven’t experienced the hospitality of our Fire Chiefs and Firefighters please feel free to call (210) 653-9140 Ext. 2379 for an appointment today.

Fire Department Tours

Fire prevention week is designated as the Sunday - Saturday in which October 9th will fall. Fire Prevention Day is always recognized on October 9th. Fire Prevention is very special to Live Oak Fire Department. It is a time where the firefighters get to reach out and speak with the children in schools on the importance of fire prevention.

Placing a Yellow Dot decal in your vehicle's rear window alerts first responders to check your glove compartment for vital information to ensure you receive the medical attention you need. The Yellow Dot Program is a free service to our community that allows first responders to have a detailed medical history of those patients that are special needs and/or high acuity.

Participating in the Yellow Dot Program could help families and loved ones as first responders can find out vital information sooner during those critical moments. The program is open to people of all ages with different medical conditions within all of our response areas. *Schertz, Cibolo, Universal City, Selma, Live Oak, Marion, Santa Clara, and parts of Comal County.

Learn More

Fire Department Tours

Project Cool helps alleviate health risks to seniors, 60 years and older, by providing them with a new box fan.

Project Cool is a collaborative initiative designed to alleviate health risks to seniors, 60 years and older, by providing them with a new box fan. Project Cool has provided over 62.000 fans to seniors in San Antonio and Bexar County. The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District also provides fan recipients with information on how to avoid heat related illnesses and how best to use the fans safely. Starting June 1st, any person 60years or older is eligible to receive a fan. To find out where you can obtain a fan, please contact either the United Way or GRASP directly.

If you would like to donate to this program, please drop off an 18-inch box fan at any of the San Antonio Metro Area Fire Stations or Live Oak Fire Department (excluding the airport location) between June 1 and September 15. Alternatively, you may contact GRASP for donation locations. Project Cool is sponsored by United Way of San Antonio, Bexar County and GRASP (Greater Randolph Area Services Program). See contact information below:

  • United Way: call (210) 227-4357 or their website
  • GRASP: call (210) 658-6351 or their website
  • City of San Antonio Metro Fire Departments: call (210) 207-8198 or their website
  • City of Live Oak Fire Department: call (210) 653-9140 Ext. 2379

SUDS - Single Use Disposal System (Drug Disposal)

The Single Use Disposal System (SUDS) is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your unused or expired prescription medication.

Prescription medication disposal is available by picking up a SUDS envelope at The Live Oak Fire Department.

This project is funded by Texas Health & Human Services Texas Targeted Opioid Response.