Coming Soon Montonyo Park

Beautiful Landscaping


Acquired during the annexations into the city in the 1970’s this park has been on the paper maps of the Robards Subdivision area for years. The Robards Subdivision was developed in 1954 when a man named Henry S. Robards subdivided the area where the Woodcrest subdivision is currently located. The lots set up by Mr. Robards was not even to county standards at the time and it led to this area being undeveloped for decades. With the development of the Vista Ridge subdivision, a deal was made with the developer to provide a walking trail through this future park to connect the residents of Vista Ridge to Avery Rd. From there it is just a short walk (and future connection) to the Woodcrest Nature Park. This park promises a natural walking area, plenty of natural plants and foliage, and the wildlife that Live Oak has grown to love. In addition, the park will house the stormwater detention from the subdivision. You can look forward to this trail and park being completed soon.