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Emergency Communications

Live Oak Communications Division

Report Police, Fire or Medical Emergency
Call or Text 911
Non-Emergency Number to Report a Crime
(210) 653-0033

The Live Oak Emergency Communications Division is considered the backbone of department operations and works alongside the Patrol division maintaining 24 hours a day, 7 days a week coverage. Communications officers assigned to this section are the first step in generating an emergency response for call service. This division dispatches police, fire, and emergency medical service units for the cities of Live Oak, Selma, and Judson ISD Police. As well as other city services Live Oak Animal Control, Selma Animal Control, and public works when immediate response is required. Dispatchers assigned to this division are also instrumental in coordinating combined response efforts between other local and state law enforcements.

In 2022, Live Oak Telecommunicators took 23,729 emergency calls and over 70,000 non-emergency calls. They processed over 65,000 Computer-aided-dispatch call records.

When you call or text 9-1-1 or call the non-emergency number be prepared to answer questions and follow and instructions the 911 Telecommunicator gives you. Our center is trained and certified to serve our citizens to the highest standard.

  • Disconnected Cell phones are still able to dial 911 if the battery is charged, please do not let children play with old cell phones.
  • If you Dial 911 by mistake, or if a child in your home dials 911, do not hang up, stay on the line. Hanging up will make the 911 Telecommunicator think there is an actual emergency and send first responders to your location. Instead stay on the line and let them know you or a child dialed by mistake.
Non-Emergency Live Oak Communications (24 hours): (210) 653-0033
Live Oak Police Department Administration: (210) 945-1700
Live Oak Municipal Court: (210) 945-2017
Live Oak City Hall: (210) 653-9140
Selma Police Department Administration and Records: (210) 651-5368
Selma City Hall: (210) 651-6661
Judson ISD Police Department Administration: (210) 659-9789