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    “The Alfredo F. Araiza Room” Dedicated May 12, 2010

    Officer Alfredo F. AraizaOn behalf of the Live Oak Police Department, we recognize and thank all law enforcement colleagues, as we observe National Police Week. We honor and recognize those men and women who have given their lives in the line of duty. Their deaths remind us all that the safety and freedom we enjoy do not come without a price.

    Officer Alfredo Araiza, living the life of duty, service, honor and bravery, paid the ultimate sacrifice, so that Live Oak citizens can live in the freedom of peace. The Live Oak Justice Center Training Room, that provides safety training for officers around the thirteen-county AACOG Region, has been named “The Alfredo Araiza Room” in his honored memory.

    It was Araiza’s dream since childhood to become a police officer. Reverend Bill Davis said that Alfredo had a “vision a long time ago that part of his life was going to be to make this place a bright, happy, and joyful place.” He attended the Houston Police Academy, but wanted to clean up the drugs and violence infesting the West side neighborhood where he grew up. He returned to San Antonio and spent two years as a San Antonio Park Ranger before joining the Live Oak Police Department in April 1979.

    In 1980, he was the first officer to die in the line of duty in Bexar County and in the Live Oak Police Department.

    Officer Araiza is remembered to always be smiling. He was a happy police officer serving this community. His Sergeant, Ben Zamora, remembers Araiza as a quiet person; always smiling as he went about his job. Araiza never complained.

    Officer Alfredo F. Araiza room

    Alfred, the ultimate police officer, in the face of extreme danger, did not waiver in his bravery and duty to pursue the escaping violent criminals. He was doing so that we may all live in a safer, peaceful and happy place, that he dreamed of.

    The City of Live Oak now dedicates the Live Oak Justice Center Training Room as the “Officer Alfredo F. Araiza Room”, in Alfred’s memory of his ultimate dedication, bravery and sacrifice in the face of extreme danger.


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