Boating Ordinance

    Boating Ordinance for Live Oak Lake

    On August 11th, the City of Live Oak City Council passed an ordinance to allow for the use of kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, paddle boats and other non-motorized watercraft on Live Oak Lake.  This does NOT include the use of individual or manually inflatable rafts or boats.  The following are a few reminders for those wishing to engage in boating in Live Oak:

    1. The City of Live Oak requires approved life jackets (PDF's) be worn at all times by anyone in a watercraft.
    2. There are no vehicles allowed off the roadway, and portage of all watercraft must be accomplished by walking.
    3. Consuming or possessing of alcoholic beverages while engaging in boating is prohibited.
    4. The use of personal watercraft is limited to daylight hours only.
    5. Swimming is not allowed in Live Oak Lake.

    The City of Live Oak strives to provide new and exciting recreational activities for the community.  We hope that you will remain a safe and responsible boater, and most of all have fun!  For more information, and to see the complete ordinance that pertains to boating on Live Oak Lake, please see Ordinance #1521.