City Manager

      Glen Martel was hired by the City of Live Oak in January of 2022. He brings 38 years of experience from the Nevada Air National Guard and the United States Air Force and serves as Brigadier General, Assistant Adjutant General-Air. As Brigadier General, Glen is responsible for implementing policies and planning for over 1,200 Airmen but will officially retire in July of 2022. Glen previously served as Assistant City Manager for the City of Missouri City, Texas for three years before coming to Live Oak. He obtained his Master of Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2016.

      He is responsible for, among other things:

      • Ensuring that the policy direction set by City Council is implemented and that the city's delivery of public services is provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
      • Focusing attention on city goals, major projects, and long-term considerations such as capital improvement projects, land use development, capital financing and strategic planning.
      • Preparing a recommended budget for City Council.
      • Recruiting; hiring and supervising city staff.
      • Enforcing city ordinances.
      • Purchasing and contracting.
      • Supervision of fiscal operations.
      • Providing complete and objective information to the City Council to support its decision-making process.
      • Attending all City Council and Economic Development Corporation meetings and is the Executive Director of the Economic Development Corporation.
      • Accomplishing all duties while adhering to a very specific, detailed, and professional Code of Ethics established by the Texas City Management Association.

      City Manager
      Contact Glen Martel: (210) 653.9140, ext. 2261

      City Hall
      City of Live Oak
      8001 Shin Oak Drive
      Live Oak, TX 78233

        Assistant City Manager

        Assistant City Manager
        Anas Garfaoui - (210) 653-9140, ext. 2186

        Anas Garfaoui joined the City of Live Oak as the Assistant City Manager in April of 2022. Prior to his current position, he was with the City of Katy. Anas is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University with a degree in Public Administration and received the Certified Public Manager designation through the University of Houston.

        The Assistant City Manager is responsible for assisting with the day-to-day management of the city.

        Some of his duties include:

        • Answering citizen complaints and concerns
        • Administering the Code Enforcement Program
        • Administering the Planning and Zoning activities of the City
        • Administering the Board of Adjustment activities of the City
        • Coordinating projects with the City Engineer
        • Provides information to the City Attorney regarding issues concerning the City
        • Assists with the major projects and long term contracts regarding city services and service provision
        • Attends all Planning and Zoning, Board of Adjustment, and Economic Development Committee meetings
        • Administers the City’s Comprehensive Plan
        • Administering the Municipal Court
        All city offices use one address:
        City of Live Oak
        8001 Shin Oak Drive
        Live Oak, TX 78233

          City Secretary

          The City of Live Oak’s City Secretary Office is the official repository for all City Council actions, records management, and election preparations. The Office of the City Secretary supports all departments within the City, but the primary function is the daily management, which includes accurate posting, recording and documentation of official city actions, property and insurance program for the City, attending meetings and recording the minutes, holding City elections and keeping current on all changes of election laws.

          The Department of the City Secretary is responsible for the following areas:

          • Elections: Scheduling and overseeing all City Elections in accordance with the Texas Election Code
          • Record Management/Retention: Acting as custodian of all office records of the city in accordance with Texas Library & Archives.
          • City Council, Ethics Review Board and Parks and Recreation Commission meetings: Giving notice of meetings, preparation of Agenda’s and Minutes.
          • Ordinances: posting, assigning an identification number, scanning the documentation and maintaining the codification process.
          • Resolutions: posting, assigning an identification number, and scanning the documentation.
          • Public Information Requests: Processing the requests for public information
          • Ethics Ordinance: Ensuring that ethics violation procedures are adhered to.
          • Alcohol and Coin Operated Machine permits: Ensuring notification to the businesses, collecting fees and assigning permits.

          Staff Contact Information:

          City Secretary TRMC
          Deborah L. Goza – (210) 653-9140 extension 2213

            Code Compliance

            Under Construction, Coming Soon

            Contact Information:

   or 210-653-9140 ext.2245